Jun 25, 2012

T-Mobile G2x (p999) ROM List

this rom list is only for the T-Mobile G2x (p999)
LG Optimus 2X (p990) go here: http://goo.gl/wEPPk


*Flash your device at your own risk*

'(06/24/2012) [SS] AOKP Build40 (4.0.4) +

'(06/19/2012) [SS] MokeeOS R.282 (2.3.7) +

'(06/16/2012) [SS] MIUI.us V4 2.6.1 BETA V3.1 (4.0.4) +

'(06/15/2012) [SS] EaglesBlood™ ICS Build 1 BETA (AOSP)(4.0.4) +

'(06/14/2012) [SS] Domination Build78 (CM9) +

'(06/08/2012) [SS] LewaOS R.282 (2.3.7) +

'(06/07/2012) [SS] MIUI.us 2.4.13 (v21y)(2.3.7) +

'(06/05/2012) [SS] HellFire Sandwich v1.8 (CM9)(4.0.4)

'(06/03/2012) [SS] Genesis v1 Beta9 (4.0.4) +

'(05/25/2012) [SS] G2X-SINGH-UI v2.5.25 (MIUI)(2.3.7) +

'(05/21/2012) [SS] BuROM v0.2 (2.3.4) +

'(05/13/2012) [SS] HellFire Phoenix V2.2 (2.3.7)

'(03/31/2012) [SS] Bionix Reloaded v1.4.1 (2.3.3)

'(03/24/2012) [SS] MIUI v2.3.24 (2.3.7)

Links are from xda-developers and rootzwiki forum

Permalink: http://goo.gl/lvj0g


  1. Thank you for all the updates, I just wanted to start a post about the ROMs so everyone else can share their thoughts and experiences. I tried all the ICS and some of the GB, and my conclusions is none of the ICS video recording works so I will stick with GB and find the best one. Any thoughts?

  2. I upgraded to CM10. It's very nice, but some of my widgets are no longer sticky, and battery life is diabolical. I'm getting less than six hours on =standby=. Still I'll persevere with this for a while in the hope there'll be an update. If there's not I'll have to roll back to CM7.

  3. ParanoidAndroid (Cm9) work great in G2x P999