Feb 11, 2014

HTC Sensation 4G (pyramid) ROM List


*Please proceed at your own risk*


'(02/08/2014) CM11 with ION (4.4.2)

'(02/07/2014) MIUI V5 4.2.7 (4.2.2)

'(02/01/2014) Codename Lungo (4.4.2)(CM11)

'(02/01/2014) Team-SennyC2 CM11 (4.4.2) +

'(01/31/2014) Unofficial CarbonRom (4.4.2)(AOSP) 

'(01/31/2014) UnORom nightly (4.4.2)(OMNI) +

'(01/30/2014) CM10.2 with ION (4.3.1)

'(01/15/2014) CyanogenMod 11.0 KANG (4.4.2)


'(11/20/2013) Revelation 1.0.3 (4.1.1)(3.19)

'(11/17/2013) Team Venom ViperS 5.0.0 (4.1.2)(S5)

'(11/16/2013) Team Venom ViperS 3.1.4 (4.1.1)(S4+)

'(10/28/2013) CM-10.2 Kang (4.3.1)

'(10/04/2013) CM10 Kang RC (4.1.2)

'(09/29/2013) ELEGANCIA ICS Rom Series™

'(09/20/2013) MIUI JB V5 3.9.20 (4.1.2)

'(09/07/2013) PAC-Man ROM Nightly (4.3)

'(08/06/2013) CM-10.1.2 Kang (4.2.2)


*All source links are from xda-developers forum*

+ – new addition

Permalink: http://goo.gl/IL1p5 | http://sh.st/0qRX

codename: pyramid model number: Z710e views: 206,375


  1. Thanks, looks like the Sensation will replace the fabulous HD2 as most preffered for developing...I hope so.

  2. Please someone, post a link on how to root this phone

  3. poopy, here's the link: http://goo.gl/XpxXM

  4. I wanna overclock the shit outa this phone....

    im on revolution hd.

    anyone know a better rom?

    1. Try MIUI. default 1.7ghz can overclock up to 1.8ghz with overclocking app.

    2. my fri,my phone is also sensation xe,these rom is all working and also wifi working in these rom,So U should download these rom.(07/13/2012) [SS] SmartDroid Resurrection v4.0 (3.33).these rom version is android version 4.0.3.sense version is 3.6
      ok my fri ,try this,

  5. I actually do. It's called MIUI
    Go check it out. It's very stable.

  6. Can i instal these ROMs on my sensation XE ???
    because there is no separate Roms for Sensation Xe


  7. Hi everyone
    I installed some of these ROM's on my Sensation XE (which have XE versions) all works fine bt WIFI. wifi shows error on it and not turning on ....... i have unlocked bootloader with HTCDev and CWM touch recovery .... else things are stock. my firmware version is3.32.707.110

    can any one please help me ... i have no idea what to do

    1. you might want to try ROM that was built from source like the CM

  8. Urgent Help Needed

    Why there is need of flashing supported firmware in almost every rom ...... i am unlocked with htcdev.com . s-on, HBOOT 1.27.0000 (revolutionary.io not supported yet) , and stock ROM.

    When i instal the rom everyrhing works fine except WIFi

    Please tell me .. the solution

    1. The solution is here:
      so after you'll can change for SuperCid and wifi'll work

    2. Thanks Black Spirit :)
      Got the S-off after 13 try's :)

    3. I managed to do everything but my WIFI still shows error. What else do I need?

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  11. I used 3 versions on my HTC Sensation z710e. They were all Revolution HD series including the last 6.6.7 version. But after the last change of ROM, my HTC started working quite unstable. Maybe I didn't flash it the right way, but I am not sure yet. So I decided to use some proper advices from this site: http://lenzfire.com/2012/05/how-to-install-ordroid-or-elegancia-roms-in-htc-sensation-4gxe/ and it's working great now. I use OrDroid v9.0.0 now and I am really glad to have it because it gives me even more interesting options and it looks great. Also the performance is very good!

  12. I am sorry that I am very long winded, but if someone would please take the time to skim over my comments and reply with advice, then, I would really, really, really appreciate it!!!

    To make a long story short, I want to upgrade my Sensation 4G to Jelly Bean. I have never rooted before and I see many different versions of Custom Roms available... which one is the best? [For me, "best" means most stable and not necessarily the fastest or the one with the most features.]

    Also, step by step, how can I do it. I bought my phone used and it is already running "Android Revolution HD 6.6.7 4G-XE by mike1986" which is Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich.)

    Thanks so much for your help!!!!!


    Here is where I get very long winded, but if someone is technical, then please read and answer my other questions. Thanks so much!!!!!

    I bought a used sensation 4G. It came with the box and the IMEI number (whatever that is) and the serial number on the box match the numbers in the "Phone Identity" section (under "Settings" "About Phone.")

    The box says, "Sensation 4G" and the manufacture date is 05/31/2011 which is before the Sensation XE came out, but, the phone (Under "Settings" "About Phone" "Hardware Information") says that it is a 1.5GHz processor. [Isn't it only 1.2 GHz?]

    Under "Phone Identity" "Phone Name" it says "HTC Sensation 4G with Beats Audio." [Does that exist???? I thought that only the XE has Beats Audio, or perhaps the XL which has a 4.7" screen rather than the 4.3" screen.]

    Under "Model Number" it says "HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio." [This is impossible since the phone was manufactured before the XE came out.]

    Under "About Phone" "Software Information" "Software Number" it says "Android Revolution HD 6.6.7 4G-XE by mike1986" so that is the operating system it is running.

    Questions: (1) Can the custom ROM make the 1.2 GHz dual processor act like a 1.5GHz dual processor?
    (2) If the Custom ROM can speed up the Processor, is that the same as overclocking? And, if so, can that overheat the phone, or otherwise damage the phone? I see some posts saying that their Custom ROM makes the phone perform at 1.6 GHz or even 1.7 GHz. Is this recommended? I would prefer 100% stability over speed.
    (3) Does the Sensation 4G and the Sensation XE have the same processor and the 4G has some "limiter" on it which does not allow it to go above 1.2 GHz? If so, then making it go 1.5 GHz must be perfectly safe... but if not, how do you make a 1.2 GHz processor go faster?
    (4) The main question, which Custom ROM is the most stable for Jelly Bean, and step by step, how can I upgrade to it (preferably without losing my APPS and Address Book... but I can always download them again if I have to.)

    Again, thanks for taking the time to read my post and answer my questions.

  13. ELEGANCIA ICS Rom Series is best rom. It Looks Amazing and best Battery Life.

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  14. @Howard Yehti
    Q1: Yes.
    Q2: Yes. If you leave the developer's custom setting then No.
    Do not attempt to OC unless you know what you are doing.
    Q3: Yes. Use apps like SetCPU or if the ROM has its own tweaks
    you can OC the processor.
    Q4: There are lots of JB ROMS for sensation. Just check the XDA forums
    for a specific one. Read the bugs section of the ROM if it is
    tolerable for you. As for the steps, you can read it on the OP
    section of the ROM as i am sure your phone is already rooted but
    check first if your phone is already S-OFF. Search for
    Android Revolution HD forums because there are alot of
    instructions there to help you. i use ARHD myself, version 6.7.2
    for my Sensation XE. Back up your apps using Titanium Backup or
    Go Backup. Go Backup can also backup your contacts and messages
    to your SD card so you can restore them later. Hope this helps.

    1. Thanks for your detailed reply. I haven't upgraded from ICS yet. I figure that if I wait longer, then they will work out more bugs.

      Do you keep updating your ROM every few weeks as more and more bugs get worked out? Or just update the Rom once every six months or so?

      Is there a "best" Jelly Bean ROM now, or just a matter of opinion?

  15. Viper s you'll never look back ��

  16. So, there are good ICS ROM's but are there any good Jelly Bean ROM's? JB is far superior over ICS.

  17. For JB there is few choice :
    Bruce 2728 ( 4.1.2):
    http://goo.im/devs/bruce2728 Very good but not last version.

    AOKP: (4.1.2 and 4.2.1)

    And a very good one: Albinoman887 (allready 4.2.2 !!)

    Sensation doesn't want to die ;-D

  18. whenever I try to install a new rom, it remains stuck in the loading screen. can anybody help me??? is S-Off neccessary? thanks